Lock Stock & Barrel is proud to announce the opening of our Gunsmith Operation. We are now a full service gunsmith and one of the last places in Los Angeles, Simi Valley & surrounding areas to bring your broken guns. We will work on many of the guns that most of the other shops won’t. Call us or send us an email and let us know what you need done.

805-285-0715 or

untitledAbout our gunsmith: Jim Hill is a retired Santa Monica firefighter and true Old-World Craftsman. We have known Jim for about 20 years and have used his expertise since the beginning. Whether building a custom Sharps Borchardt, rust-bluing an incredibly restored Winchester 1887, re-timing a MINT pinch frame colt SAA, building a Volcanic Rifle Stock or explaining metallurgy to our Armorer, watching Jim work or talking to him is a rare opportunity to get inside the brain of the kind of craftsmen you just don’t see anymore. (He’s also the biggest John Browning fan you have ever met, so that should tell you a thing or two about him… )


jAbout our armorer: Chris Corcino is an engineering student and experienced armorer. Chris has been the resident “repair guy” and gun scrubber here at the shop long enough to see a couple thousand cross his work bench. Even if he hasn’t seen it before, he can diagnose it without much trouble and without any damage. Chris was trained by Jim and is the kind of guy that has hallow ground drivers, nice stone sets and calipers cluttering his bench AND NOT power grinding tools, harbor freight screwdrivers and cold blue like most of the other shops out there… You know what we mean… ;)


Services Offered: 

REPAIR – Nothing to large or small, too simple or too complex… and we don’t care if your other gunsmith already looked at it… We can make parts, we have experience with everything from older and hand-fit firearms to Glocks and Sigs…

  • Armorer Rate: $75/hr.
  • Gunsmith/Machinist Rate: $125/hr.




… (Complete list coming soon)

DETAIL/CLEANING – $40 Disassemble, ultrasonic & Clean Long Guns, $25 Hand Guns

Our Simi Valley Workshop:


Our Machine Shop: