About Spencer Hoglund

Spencer Hoglund was born in the summer of 1984, to Steve and Wendy Hoglund and older brother Sean. A Graduate of Granada Hills High School, Spencer focused much of his life on his passions of Competitive Shooting and Gun Collecting. He has traveled the World, seeing 18 countries to date and nearly 40 states. Spencer become the president of the local shooting club, captain of his college water ski team, graduated with a masters degree and opened a multi-million dollar business. But, Spencer’s true notoriety came under a different name…

Lead Dispencer; It’s one of the best aliases in Cowboy Action Shooting, and certainly one befitting a several-time World Champion; Lead Dispencer aka Spencer Hoglund. In the smoky, fast-paced, high adrenaline world of Cowboy Action Shooting, no name draws greater respect from fans, or fear, from opponents, than Spencer’s.

After competing in Sporting Clays, Spencer Hoglund, aka Lead Dispencer, became a three-time Overall SASS World Champion (6 Time Category Winner), a Five Time Overall SASS National Champion, and his State, Regional, and local wins too numerous to be listed here. Many familiar with the evolution of the sport will tell you that Spencer changed the game. Spencer was for the 2000’s what China Camp was for the 1990’s, and when you see no one over 30 in the top 20 at End of Trail – you can thank Spencer for that.

Top Shot, Sons Of Guns, American guns, Triggers, American Shooter, Shooting USA, Cowboys, Catch 22, The Wild, Wild, West… His television appearances alone, showcasing his incomparable skills with rifle, pistol, and shotgun, have earned him a listing on IMDb; the internet television and movie resource page.

In addition to his shooting career, Spencer is quite an athlete, having been the Team Captain of the California State University Northridge Water Ski Team, from 2005-2006, where he earned his Undergraduate degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Now, he heads up the crew of rowdies at Lock Stock and Barrel Investments. It’s a pretty daunting task, as the crew consists of everything from baseball umpires to PhDs. But the idea of an internet firearms and accessories retailer, combined with an E-Bay outlet is his, a product of his Master’s in Business Administration, earned through the Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business – where he graduated second in his class.

Somehow, order reigns; the work gets done, photos get taken, bores get swabbed, write-ups get written, and consignors get paid in a timely fashion. But I promise you, dealing with the wealth of personalities who stroll through the front door, or the welter of bureaucratic requirements which attend our business, all of this ensures that no two days are ever the same, and the lightning reflexes and quick decision-making capabilities of Spencer Hoglund, aka Lead Dispencer, are tested daily!

All part of the service behind the scenes, the things we go out of our way to make sure that you, our customers DON’T have to worry about, here at Lock Stock and Barrel Investments. (Written by Mark Romano)

2013 Sass Hall of Fame Induction Video: