1860 Henry Rifle Research

Our mission:

Due to the lack of relevant information available to collectors of the 1860 Henry Rifle, we decided to conduct a formal survey beginning around 2002. The information gathered will be made public upon request and when complete. Some time down the line, we hope to turn the information gained from the survey into a collectors reference book. The survey covers all aspects and features of the Henry rifle through all the phases of its production. When complete, it will become an invaluable tool for collectors. We will be able to identify the correct features of various serial number ranges and determine which parts should be numbered in each range.  The Data base that will be created can be used to track known Henry’s, as well as to check for duplicate numbers, that are either noteworthy or spurious.

Overall, collecting Henry’s will become far safer and much more enjoyable. At the moment, survey results have been collected from 38 states and 4 countries.

To obtain and complete a survey  – please download it here: (1860 Henry Rifle Survey Form) and email it back to spencer@LSBauctions.com

Anyone with a Henry is urged to participate. Please check the list below to see if your gun is already in the survey, if it is not please download a survey and submit it. Even if your gun has been surveyed, please contact us as we are missing information on many of the surveyed guns.

Interesting Findings to date on the Model 1860 Henry Rifle:

  • It appears as though no Iron frame Henrys were produced after serial number 300
  • Apparently (with little evidence thus far) Iron and Brass frame guns were assigned duplicate serial numbers
  • Only 4 guns have been found without dovetailed barrels. These were likely replaced barrels.
  • It appears as though the lever lock was introduced ca. Serial number 400
  • The only Henrys produced without a dovetailed barrel are in 375-625 range.
  • Receivers were no longer dovetailed at around serial number 3000
  • The apparent correct range for martial markings is roughly: 3000-4000+, and 7000-9400 however martially marked guns have been found as low as 2200 and as high as 10,000. These guns are questionable.
  • The butt plate changed shape at serial number 5000
  • The loading block and front of barrel were numbered throughout most of the production run, but with no apparent pattern. Guns with these numbers have been found from the beginning of production through the 14,000 range. That said, the vast majority of Henrys surveyed are lacking this feature. Of the nearly 1,000 surveyed, only 6 exhibit this.
  • It appears as though the screws were only numbered on guns up to serial number 5,000. Sufficient information is still lacking to draw a definitive conclusion. (Plate screws through 5000, stock and tang screws through 3000.
  • Of the surveyed guns, 30% are engraved.
  • 12 duplicate or known forgeries have been uncovered.
  • 80% of guns have been found with sling swivels. Only 3 % had swivels on the right side, and no right side swivels were found after roughly serial number 1300. All swivels were rare on earlier guns.
  • The Henry Bump is an anomaly that has yet to be expolained but should be present on all (and only on) firearms with Left side Sling Swivels
  • We are trying to determine what the “.” after the serial number signifies
  • All firearms surveyed between serial number 12979 and 13635 are Flat side Winchester Model 1866.
  • There were no Henry’s in this range and no 1866’s again until about 14431
1860 Henry Rifle Broadside

1860 Henry Rifle Broadside